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When you are speaking on a webinar it's important to have a really good sounding headset. The better your audio quality the better you will be heard and understood. And you want a good sound quality headset especially if your webinar is being recorded.

There are lots of headsets out there, but they aren't all created equal. What you want to look for in a headset is one that has a "Wideband Audio" mic. Very few headsets have this type of mic, but more and more are getting it. The difference between a normal mic and a wideband audio mic is the difference between talking to someone who sounds like they are on an old phone and talking to someone who sounds like they are sitting in the room with you having a conversation.

For example, on our webinar recordings listen to Barbara, Lisa, & Jo. It sounds like they are in the room with you doesn't it. (Well, depending on the quality of your speakers.) But trust me, they sound really great on the recordings. Now compare their audio with someone who is calling in on the phone. I know you hear the difference.

Barbara, Jo & Lisa are using the headset I recommend below. They also use it with a very important accessary, a Wind Screen. The Wind Screen helps keep your breath sounds down and makes for a cleaner audio recording.

The Plantronics headset is inexpensive, usually around $28-$32 at Amazon. While it has high quality audio, it's not built with the highest quality materials. So be sure to take great care with it and it should last you a few years. Mine is showing signs of wear, but still going strong after three or so years. (It finally needed replacing after about 5 years.)

The headset has a USB plug on the end so it will plug directly into your computer, Windows or Mac and be immediatly recognized. If you are using it with the GoToMeeting webinar software then you may have to unplug it and plug it back in once you get the Webinar software up and running. When you do this it will ask you if you wish to use the new hardware and you just select yes. Then you should be able to hear the webinar through your headset and they shoudl be able to hear you through the headset mic.

Finally I recommend you buy it from Amazon for two reasons. You generally won't be able to find this headset locally. And with Amazon it is really easy to return the headset should it be defective. You have 30 days to return it for a replacement or to get your money back. It's really easier than trying to return it to a store as you don't have to stand in line to return it. And when you get it in you want to test it to make sure it is working. The best way to test it is to install Skype and make a test call with it. That will let you know that it is working perfectly and you'll be able to hear the excellent sound quality of the mic with your voice yourself.

The windscreen is really important to keep the breath sounds down and to help stop the popping sounds from "P" words. The windscreen I have below is one that is larger and not the one desgined by plantronics. For the windscreen bigger is better, but for this one you will need to secure it to the headset mic boom with a wire tie. Just wrap the wire tie around the windscreen at it's base where the hole is to insert the mic in it. Be sure to push it all the way on so the mic tip touches the inside top of the windscreen and then secure it with the wire tie. Cut off the excess piece of plastic that sticks out after you pull it thorugh the wire tie. It should stay there forever. Mine has been attached for over 6 years. You can pick them up at Amazon or you can easily find them at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. You don't have to use the wire tie, but you will eventually lose the windscreen without it.

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Plantronics Blackwire 3210 USB-A Headset, On-Ear Mono Headset, Wired - $33.99
Note: There are several version of this headset on this page. This is the cheapest one. I personally prefer a headset to cover both ears so you might consider getting one that does that. Also there are two different types of connectors. The one linked here is for most computers (USB-A). But if you have a new Macbook or other computer that only has USB-C connectors then you need to choose the USB-C version. Be sure you buy it from Amazon and not a third part seller. It shoudl say Shipped by & Sold by Amazon.
This is the link to the two ear USB-A version for older computers.
  AT8153 Windscreen (Amazon)
or from
Sweetwater (free shipping)

Wire Ties

Used to secure the windscreen to the headset.

Also available from Lowes and Home Depot

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