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In today's session, we reviewed the benefits of developing business partners and how that can work for us with Fast Track. The value and appeal of home businesses in today's economy was covered extensively to elevate our thinking around who might be interested in our opportunity. We reviewed how to initiate and conduct conversations about home business and highlighted a few simple steps to follow when identifying potential business partners Including:

  • The materials to send people evaluating starting a home business
  • Events to which to invite potential partners
  • Word tracks (including our vision for our business)

Action Steps

  • Make a list of people you would like on your business team.
  • Write out a few bullet points of what you would like to say / ask /share to identify a need/ interest ... what a Shaklee business has meant to you and to acknowledge them as to why you want to work with them and why you think they could be successful.
  •  Decide what videos from Shaklee.TV you would like to send to them for further evaluation (Shaklee Effect video stories, Shaklee Difference, Roger Barnett interview, etc.)
  • Set up 3 way calls with uplines or colleagues to introduce your prospect to other members of your team, to hear their stories and to offer more information about the business benefits.
  • For additional ideas for assembling our business teams. See archived sessions at name)


Recorded on September 17, 2015.

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Harper Guerra