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Today we kicked off our Summer 2015 Series. Our 6 Week Series Will Focus on…The Art of Leadership. In our weekly trainings, we have covered the mechanics and fundamentals of becoming a Director .. And developing a Director. However… The single most important skill that will now determine the size and growth of our organizations is…our leadership, our people skills, and our personal development.

Today we highlighted the why of Leadership Skills – the Key To Developing an Organization. We discussed the benefits of developing an organization of business leaders… not just about money. We reviewed the essential steps to develop a Director so we can confidently coach a new business partner to reach that first rank. And, we discussed the standards we will want to set of how long it should take to develop to Director once the decision is made after a period of evaluation ( consider 4 to 12 weeks.

Action Steps

  • Select a book, or podcast, or other resource to begin your study of leadership and personal development. Jim Rohn says " The difference between where you are today … and where you will be 5 years from now … will be found in the quality of the books you read."
  • Review or create your system for developing dozens of leaders about to come into your organization. ( how's that for big thinking! )
  • Monitor your self-talk (that will reveal your belief in your success) and revisit your vision for your organization .. How big can you see it?
  • Summer Strategies to implement NOW:
    • Help your distributors schedule summer events now ... at the beginning of the month … Insert a calendar in the working folder with the names & contact information of all the people they want to invite... Set up Conference calls, play dates, 3-way calls, webinars, etc
    • Help them set a sponsoring goal for July -- and a PV goal …
    • Find ways for them to attend the Cleveland Global Conference … It will be one to remember. ( sharing rooms, car pooling, offering scholarships for increasing PV, etc ) Help your distributors think about how many they will bring with them.


Recorded on June 4th, 2015.

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