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This is the last session for 2015.  Please join us Thursday, January 14th when we begin a new semester.

Today one of our objectives was to help people have a mindset for a strong close to December and a running start on January. That means learning from our past but looking ahead to the next 100 Days of Amazing.

And, with our special guest speaker,Margaret Trost, we discussed the concept of perseverance...being steadfast in doing something.  Margaret gave us her tips:  (1) Trust the process; (2) Courageously work on personal growth; (3) Bless the bumps; and (4) Learn to enjoy the journey.

Margaret's insightful revelations and her special style of presenting makes this a "must listen" webinar for all of us.

Attached are the special words of Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Big Magic--Creative Living Beyond Fear, that Margaret shared with us.

Action Steps

Every year has its own gifts, lessons, and messages meant for each of us...

Sometimes they came wrapped in pretty bows…and other times as trials, challenges, insights.

Reflect on the past year…  write down the "gifts"…. so we don't miss the lessons.

  • Determine where we want to skill up further.
  • Set new goals with courage and expanded awareness of our " amazing" capabilities.
  • Write up your next 100 days to Amazing Plan  so we can submit it to Roger  Barnett and Heather Chastain.
  •  Download the Shaklee Connect app … and enter 100 day goal  from Jan 1 to Apr 9 - closing with another broadcast to celebrate the results.
  • And persevere so we can "bring in our harvest ."


Recorded on December 3, 2015.

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