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Objectives for Week Six

This month, our product collection focuses on the remarkable Shaklee Immune Products.

  • Our objectives are to learn what products are particularly helpful in strengthening our immune systems.
  • To understand how Shaklee products are different and safer than most on the market.
  • To hear how these products have impacted real people to encourage us to offer our friends safer more natural options.
  • To understand what conditions are an indication of weak immune systems.
  • To calculate how we can generate 1000 PV by sharing these collections.

Action Steps

  • Set up our calendar for October.
  • 4 events with 5 attending will generate about 1000 New PV
  • Popular events are...Conference calls, video conferencing (Zoom), FaceBook events, appointments, in-homes, 3-way calls, send links to Better
  • Pick a fun topic or two from today’s session.


Recorded on October 4, 2016.

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