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We continue our focus this summer on leadership. Our goal is to open each of us up to our own leadership potential, to challenge us to improve and to ultimately motivate us to want to develop other leaders

Today, Gary Burke, Presidential Master Coordinator, was our very special guest. GAry and Faye have over 60,000 in their downline and as Presidential MC they have 2 Master Coordinator legs. Truly Gary knows how to develop leaders. Reading books on leadership has been a key factor for him knowing how to be a good leader and imparting this knowledge to others has been one of his strengths.

Gary shared some of his thoughts on becoming an effective Shaklee leader. Gary touched on Getting in a position to succeed, creating a growth environment for others to succeed, having a "teachable point of view", and understanding that this is a teaching, coaching, leading business.


Recorded on June 11th, 2015.

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