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This week we focused on:

  • Understanding how effective FaceBook can be in bulding relationships and our business.
  • Understanding what a FB event is hand how to invite and conduct them.
  • Learning some skills on how to navigate social media/FB world.

We heard from Susan Knott and Moyra Gorski who skillfully and carefully took us through the mechanics of the hows and wherefores of doing a FB event.

Then Stephani Bruce shared how she promoted to Senior Director in 8 weeks using FaceBook.

Action Steps Session 10

Begin spending a LITTLE time "liking" and commenting on FaceBook

  • Create a habit to do a little on FB every day.
  • Pick a partner to do an event with and then…
  • Develop a topic/theme to do a FB event around—Lose Inches Before the Holidays, Less Stress-More Energy for the Holidays.
  • Create your postings, assemble your pictures, do up an outline.

And, then do one…or two…or three!! Go for it!!


Recorded on November 6th, 2014.

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