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We are continuing to work on developing 2 areas of our business …expanding our customer base by 1000 PV and identifying business partners and helping them become Directors

Today we explored the myriad of ways to connect with people in our communities …Through business networking organizations such as Chamber of Commerce and BNI, and Through casual conversations and spontaneous encounters.

Ashley McDonald shared with her incredible Shaklee journey and how she is learned to "conduct her business in public" while traveling the country in an RV with her husband and little boy.  AND she's doing it with spectacular results…hear how she is doing this. 

Action Steps

  • Have some fun this week   -  Get out into the community and practice making connections.
  • Remember Kids and dogs are people magnets.
  • Write down .. Your 90 Day goal .. Where you want your business to be by and of December. 
  • Then write down your goal for October.
  • Then write down your activities for this week that will bring you closer to that goal.
  • Be ready for how you will respond when asked what you do.

October is a great month for sharing the Allergy Collection with others and it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month .. Shaklee donating to breast cancer research for every Life Plan collection sold. 


Recorded on October 8, 2015.

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