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Objectives for Week Seven

After we learn the skills, the activities and the strategies to grow our businesses .. Next step is to get smart about how we use our time. Objectives for this session are:

  • To learn how to integrate our business into our life.
  • To determine how much time to devote to our business to reach our goals.
  • To allocate our time to the most effective and productive activities
  • To learn how to work smart and efficiently
  • To identify time-suckers ... ie FaceBook
  • As our businesses grow, to determine who gets our time

Action Steps

  • Decide what our goal is for next 90 days .. By end of August , where do we want our business to be.
  • Get creative as to how we will open up blocks of time to devote to our events and appointments…. Where can we delegate, use time more efficiently (with people...not papers; with IPA’s .. Income-producing activities... not frittering on FaceBook)
  • Block the time on our weekly calendars when we will be working our Shaklee business
  • Now set up our summer events for the month of June .. For example, ... that would produce 10 new customers and potential business partners.
  • Identify your time suckers.
  • Develop the habit of keeping a notebook by your bedstand and making a to do list every night for the next day. .. Or in the morning .. A TO DO LIST Daily


Recorded on May 26, 2016.

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