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In our pre-call today, Stephanie Bruce in the Odom organization shared with us her "take aways" from the New Director's Convention. You, too, will want to go when you hear Stephanie and how the Conference impacted her and her husband.

In today's session, Becky Choate, Katie Odom, and Lisa Anderson discussed with us how to prepare ourselves to be effective and productive planners with our business partners and our leaders. They guided us through the key steps in the compensation plan that significantly maximize their income and we learned how to incorporate those milestones in a Plan of Action. Next we were reminded of the importance of having inspirational stores and examples of what others are doing and how they are growing. And finally, we want to be aware of our role as a leader/coach/mentor and not a boss.

We went "inside the planning session" and learned what 2000 and 3000 pv plans should look like. Becky Choate shared her motivational story of the value of having a PV Plan and what can happen in our business when we have one or worse when we don't have one.

Action Steps


Recorded on June 25th, 2015.

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