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Objectives for Week One

After we learn the skills, the activities and the strategies to grow our businesses .. Next step is to get smart about how we use our time. Objectives for this session are:

  • To help us each create a plan to qualify for Chairman’s Retreat Napa 2017
  • To understand how to maximize the new Health Print questionnaire for servicing our existing customers, for developing new customers .. And for identifying potential business partners.
  • To prepare for marketing theme for September .. How to Help Our Kids Have Their Best Year Ever.
  • To use our new feature, Face Book posts of the week, to post 2 to 4 X a week

Action Steps

  • Set a goal for where you want your business to be by end of December.
  • Set a goal for September:
    • ex – to increase your PGV by 1000 / month?
    • Or 1000/ week ?
    • to make 10 Health Print Appointments/ week
  • Set up Back–to-School events for September now
  • Next week, we will begin reviewing Shaklee products for academic support, immune support and stress and emotional support.
  • In week 2, we will review a package of marketing materials to help introduce those products to new and existing customers.      


Recorded on August 30, 2016.

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Harper Guerra