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Today we discussed why goal setting is critical to progressing in our business.

We looked at how the mind works and how to activate the problem-solving mechanism of our brains to help us either move toward our goals ... Or ... away from them and back to our comfort zones

We then covered the how's and why's of implementing the practices of affirmations, self-talk and visualization. As those are key components of setting goals and then achieving them. Then we discussed creating a plan that will enable us to spring into action to make our goals a reality!

Action Steps

  • Begin setting up appointments to share Crystal's business presentation or any version you like with 6 people this week.. They can be current customers or potential business partners.
  • Set up appointments with your distributors to create a 2000 PV Plan ... to help them reach rank of Director or to help current Directors qualify for Chairman's Retreat by increasing their PV.


Recorded on October 15, 2015.

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Harper Guerra