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Our session began early with some terrific ideas that have been very successful :

  • Membership Appreciation Brunches, Teas, or Dinners –these have elicited many guests who then purchase and/or have further Shaklee business interest
  • Facebook Events –simple to set up, attendees learn about Shaklee in non-threatening way in the informal format. They successfully create serious business interest
  • Enfuselle sample kits –inexpensive to set up, but creates excitement about the product line.

The Objectives for today's Session 8 ROLE OF THE LEADER :

  • Understand what it means to be a Shaklee leader
  • How to raise up and develop other leaders
  • Define our role as mentor and coach
  • Review skills to learn to be a good coach

Action Steps

  • Begin to build your library of leadership books (see list)
  • Think about Shaklee role models, make list of qualities that you want to acquire, and begin to assimilate them
  • Identify 5 people that you can acknowledge this week for accomplishments in Shaklee. Create habit of celebrating little successes of your builders/ leaders
  • Write out your vision for your Shaklee Team. Decide how you will articulate that vision to your team.

If you became a Director in this 8 week program, congratulations! If you haven't promoted as of yet. That's okay. Just now apply what you have learned in these 8 week sessions and you will be a Director and beyond very soon.. we will celebrate you whenever that occurs!



Recorded on August 5th, 2014.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

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Harper Guerra