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Today we learned from several successful business leaders how to communicate more effectively, and how to follow a well developed plan of action. .vital to help us qualify for the Maui Dream Trip!

The objectives for today's session #3:
To develop effective communication skills for...

  1. Learning how to introduce products to build a customer base.
  2. Learning how to introduce new people to benefits of the business to develop a business team.

To do so, we need to learn the art of meaningful conversations.

This is an important session to review to learn tools and ideas, skills of conversation, and developing goals and action plan.

Some of the highlights from today are:

  • How to qualify for Maui with a few suggested models presented
  • How to build through social media, and playdates
  • How to ask questions to discover prospect's needs
  • How to invite authentically by explaining the why you are calling

Action Steps

  • If haven't yet, register for Long Beach.
  • Keep goals in front of you (goal boards, etc.)
  • Schedule summer events now
    • Insert calendar in working folder with contact info for inviting
    • Set up small conference calls, invite to webinars, play dates, in home events
  • Set sponsoring and PV goals for July

Strong effort will produce high results:
Ex. For 2000 PV by 8/31 consider 2 events/week, sponsor 4 /week, 16 members/distributors will easily create 1000+ PV

Can you imagine what can happen if we all go for this!!!!!!



Recorded on July 8th, 2014.

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Harper Guerra