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Today, Crystal Johnson gave us valuable insights into our environmental legacy and responsibilities as good stewards for a healthy planet. Want to do your part: Click this link for 50 Ways to Help the Planet to be Healthy

We discussed the leadership Shaklee has taken in this effort for 60 years and we covered why and how to educate our customers about why to make every day Earth Day.

Check out the Shaklee Library at the Member Center for the GET CLEAN presentation in powerpoint and pdf files.

Get Clean/Earth Day and the beginning of Spring Allergy Season--both great opportunities to reach out to people and introduce them to these two product collections. Included here are marketing strategies for both.

Action Steps

  • Set up 4 Healthy Home, Healthy Planet, Healthy You in-home events … thus generating 1000 PV
  • Offer an incentive to members for purchase of Get Clean earth-friendly products …
  • Set up Natural Approaches to Allergies events (FaceBook, conference calls, send an archived webinar, 3-way call, Say Good-bye to Flonase in-home event etc.)
  • Let's think about how each of us in our own homes can better reduce, reuse and recycle .. Not only to set an example for our children and our customers, but to know that we are being good stewards of the planet.


Recorded on April 9th, 2015.

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