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Objectives for Week Three

  • To determine which products are best for our customers
  • To understand what systems in the body are likely needing nutritional support for various health conditions
  • To explain why you trust Shaklee products for best quality and purity
  • To build rapport and friendship for a long-term relationship with every potential new customer .. And maybe business partner.
  • To simplify the process of getting customers started on nutrition programs …To understand why starting new customers on Vitalizer and Life Shakes or the Shaklee Life Plan ( Life Strips and shakes) produces such excellent results for most people
  • Being mindful of the process that can be duplicated by business partners

Action Steps

  • Consider setting up 3 nutritional consultations this week
  • And/or 3 3-way calls with your upline or other mentor
  • Ask friends if you can practice with them …
  • Explore resources on nutrition to hear the amazing affect Shaklee products have had on people’s health.
  • Review Shaklee Difference video at
  • Download the Nutrition Assessment form from the Business Leader Guide (p57 and 58) and ask permission to send it to 5 people this week. Follow up with scheduling nutrition consultation.
  • Download the outline for a nutrition consultation p 29 in Business Leader Guide. (Download from Learning From the Masters Face Book page)


Recorded on Feburary 11, 2016.

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