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Objectives Winter Semester 2017 -- Thinking Bigger ... Reaching Higher

In this Winter 2017 semester, we are preparing ourselves to:

  • Expand our thinking
  • And see the possibilities that lie within each of us… including picturing ourselves achieving the ranks of Executive and Key Coordinator.
  • We will achieve these ranks by becoming an Executive Coordinator on the inside … even as we assemble and empower the team that will take us there … on the outside.

Exciting new perks are coming from the company around these 2 ranks, starting with the automatic qualifying for Top Achievers Trip to CHINA and the Great Wall when we achieve Key Coordinator .. But stay tuned … more to come.

Action Steps

  • Create our goals for February: Examples
    • 1000 NEW PV
    • sponsor 3 new members each week
  • Schedule at least 4 events
  • Review 8 Weeks to Director session on Inviting – which reminds us to invite by expressing WHY you are scheduling the event .. WHY they would want to attend.

Fellow roosters, our role is to wake people up to the importance of prevention and wellness … And to wake ourselves up to see the greatness that lies within!


Recorded on January 31, 2017.

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