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We are "off and running" with our Spring 2015 Training Webinars--Legacy and Leadership.

In this first session we laid out our objectives:

** This semester we focus on becoming Coordinators...that's the rank needed to achieve the next Incentive Trip and is the beginning of building your organization.
** Coordinator rank means you have developed 2 first generation Directors--which requires learning leadership skills to achieve this rank as well as learning best practices for developing new Directors.

Today we explored our Legacy with Shaklee--which anchors us in this business and give us a vision for our future.

We talked about some beginning key concepts from the book, Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins. We covered how our business model is working for real people. We discussed the value of personal and professional growth in building our Shaklee business.

Action Steps Session 1

  • Purchase the book ... Rock Your Network Marketing World by Sarah Robbins
  • Take some quiet time to consider and write out what is the legacy you would like to leave because of your Shaklee business.
  • Have you set your goals for this year? Then designed 90 Day Plans to reach those goals? To reach your goals you need a plan and a strategy.
  • Aim to earn Cash for Cleveland…by accumulating 20 sponsoring points every month (minimum $100/mo). Check out details at the member center. You can get your way paid to cool is that?!!?



Recorded on January 14th, 2015.

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