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This week we learned about the various phases of this Shaklee journey we are on … that ups and downs are normal. And when we hit the inevitable bumps along the way, to understand that simply means it is time to learn more skills. Knowing these phases will help you to be a more effective coach for your business partners.

Action Steps Session 4

  • Give some thought to where you are on your Shaklee journey... And what is your " why" today…. It may change . May be deeper … bigger… more significant .
  • Stay connected to weekly calls, support groups, .. This will help you get to "confidence" if you aren't there yet… and then will help keep you there. .. And Confidence attracts people
  • Continue to skill up as you go.
  • Take action . Talk to people … invite them to something.
  • Aim to help your builders earn Cash for Cleveland…by accumulating 20 sponsoring points every month (minimum $100/mo)



Recorded on February 5th, 2015.

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Harper Guerra