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Someone can get to Director by an occasional conversation here and there, an occasional meeting here and there, a few supportive relatives... or friends ... even luck … But to progress to Coordinator ranks and beyond ... requires A SYSTEM.

This session discusses how to put all the skills and information we have been learning into a SYSTEM... A SYSTEM that duplicates. We go over the key components of a system and what is involved with each.

Action Steps Session 13

  • Aim to earn Cash for Cleveland…by accumulating 20 sponsoring points every month ( minimum $100/mo) …35 points = 2 SHARES in the $ pool ( $200 minimum)
  • Lay out YOUR system to know exactly what you'll be doing each step of the way.
  • Set up your working folder
  • Consider using Shaklee 180 promotion to begin a series of activities to introduce new and current customers to the remarkable Shaklee 180 program …

Attached is the amazing and heart-warming Shaklee 180 Story of Maureen and John Virkler.



Recorded on January 22th, 2015.

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Harper Guerra