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Objectives for Week Three

Health Chats, Business Chats, Zoom Events

  • To understand the mechanics and effectiveness of several of our most popular activities to develop a customer base of life-long customers and to identify business partners.
  • To hear from leaders using these venues, to learn their tips for success and to implement these activities into our businesses to generate new customers, to educate and inform existing customers and to create an infra-structure that our distributors can use to invite their friends and guests.

Action Steps

  • Set a goal to select one of the platforms shared today to set up 4 meetings/ events in July.
  • One idea is to contact 4 customers and ask if they would like to hear an idea of how they could get free products … Then ask what are the health concerns of the people they know .. ( energy, migraines, allergies, digestive, immune , stress, etc ) .. Select one .. And set up a zoom meeting, or Face Book Event or Health Chat.
    • If the customer invites 5 guests X 50 PV = 250 PV per event
    • 4 events = 1000 PV
  • •Send your 100 Day Plan to Roger Barnett ( and Heather (
  • Starting first day after conference .. . Ask yourself ..
    • Where do you want your business to be by end of November?
    • What activities do you want to set up now to achieve them?
    • How many events/ activities/ phone calls/ appointments/ FB messaging will you do each week?


Recorded on July 14, 2016.

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