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This week one of our goals is to help all attending the training to reach rank of Director by end of November.

We review the activities and skills that are most effective helping new distributors build their customer base and business team quickly. An excellent discussion on 3-way call for developing customers and business leaders is featured with specific questions to ask.

And there is a review of all the collections that provide free membership for our new customers/members.

The big thing is: Get into action; get something going; and begin building your Shaklee business.

Attached: Questions for 3-way calls; and detailed Ways To Join.

Action Steps - Session 4

  • If you are a Shaklee Member, you can upgrade to Distributor ( $49.95 for a new person, but upgrading is only $29.95, or to a Gold Member ( $349 kit or $699 kit with more products and perks .. All tax deductable as a business kit )
  • Download Distributor Start Up Checklist from
  • Consider setting a goal to contact 20 people regarding the new Mind Works product.
  • Choose 1 or 2 activities to schedule on your calendar to begin sponsoring new members and distributors.
  • Use attached Ways To Join document when closing appointments and meetings.
  • Begin setting up 3 way calls.


Recorded on September 25th, 2014.

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Harper Guerra