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We continue to work on improving our communication skills--the single most important expertise for developing our businesses and enhancing our lives.

Then we cover the 4 personality styles and how each one contributes to the good of our teams. Knowing how to work with the difference styles will make us more productive and better leaders.

Action Steps - Session 6

  • Next week we will discuss assembling our business teams.
  • In preparation, review your list of people you would like to speak to .. And write out your “tell me about” questions for each.
  • Consider the personality style of each of your prospective business partners … and the best approach for each..
    • ex – Analyticals will want a lot of information.
    • Expressives will want to hear the stories and meet the other team members
    • Drivers will want to move fast and make decisions quickly.
    • And Amiables will want to take their time.


    Recorded on October 9th, 2014.

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