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Objectives for Week Six

  • 2013 Lagoni group added 1 Director.
  • 2014 added 4 new Directors.
  • 2015 added 19 new Directors. And with the vast majority of them, Face Book played a significant role in their deciding to develop their own Shaklee business and be part of their Shaklee team. (8 under Odom group)
  • Today we will explore how to use FaceBook to help others see a picture of what our lives are like with a Shaklee business integrated into them...
  • And what perks we enjoy...
  • The welcoming, supportive , encouraging, talented community we get to be part of...
  • And what possibilities may be awaiting them.

Action Steps

  • Let’s familiarize ourselves with all the social media options .. FaceBook events, Face Book posts, Face Book LIVE, FaceBook Messenger
  • Team up with 1 or 2 other leaders and create a Face Book event.
  • Schedule a Face Book event in the next 2 weeks
  • Begin the invitation process 1 week before with posts, individual messaging and phone calls.
  • Begin posting in social media 2 times a week. (80% personal. 20% Shaklee)
  • Identify 5 people to invite to an event or appointment using Face Book messenger.


Recorded on May 19, 2016.

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