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Objectives for Week One

  • In session 1, we discussed that before we can develop our business team, we will need some preparation ... involving some inside work... and some outside work.
  • The outside work begins with establishing 2 systems... a customer development and servicing system (discussed last week) and a system for identifying and developing leaders...
  • This week, we will review the key steps of our Director development system.
  • The rank of Director is the starting point for a Shaklee business. Let’s then review the next 3 ranks after Director so we are clear where we are headed… and the benefits at each rank … including Fast Track Bonuses.

Action Steps

  • Continue to create our customer education and servicing system.
  • Know what materials we will offer people in the evaluation period of their starting a Shaklee business.
  • Play with the numbers.. And the ranks.. To begin to project what income is possible for you.  


Recorded on April 21, 2016.

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Harper Guerra