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This week we were thrilled to have Stephanie Bruce, Sr. Director, and Michelle Parrot, Director, with us to share the "ins and outs" of doing Face Book events. These type of reach- out activities have become very popular and very productive for building Shaklee businesses.

IN this session Stephanie and Michelle lay of the mechanics of setting up these events along with tips of how to make them most effective. Also learn how Face Book events can help you qualify for the 2016 magnificent Dream Trips.

Action Steps

  • Begin planning Facebook events
  • Select your topics ..
  • How you will invite .. What you will post, what you will say when you call
  • Choose incentives and raffle prizes for people who place orders, who schedule an event with their friends .. Or invite guests to yours.
  • 2016 Trip Qualification Period began March 1 …time to create your plan … & review qualifications ..
    • For Los Cabos – become a Coordinator by September 2015
    • For Tuscany – become an Executive Coordinator by September 2015


Recorded on March 5th, 2015.

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