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Each week this semester we are featuring pv strategies to help us reach our pv goals for the incentives we may be working towards. This week we heard about the Shaklee Life Shaklee Smoothee Workshop people are hosting with great success. It's on the idea of "make and take". You'll want to learn about these. We attached sheets for more information. Then we learned about hosting Bunco parties and a couple of other great ideas.

We spend time delving into the topic of how to help new distributors move from just being " interested" in a business .. To becoming "committed" and to understand our role as a leader.

 Just because we have had a conversation with someone and they have expressed " interest" … that does not mean that they are ready to make Shaklee their life's work .

We explored the role of the leader in helping people move from that place of being just interested .. To wanting to build.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Being a leader is not a passive position.    

Action Steps


Recorded on September 24, 2015.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

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Harper Guerra