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Objectives for Week Ten

After we learn the skills, the activities and the strategies to grow our businesses .. Next step is to get smart about how we use our time. Objectives for this session are:

  • To review a few behaviors psychologists call .. “ Self-Defeating”
  • To recognize any of these within ourselves .. That may inhibit our ability to form authentic relationships
  • To recognize these in others to help us in coaching them to success
  • Finally we have asked our trainers to share a few of the lessons they have learned on their journeys to Executive Coordinator and beyond.

Action Steps

  • As we identify our business partners, dig out the 8 Weeks to Director Webinar Series at your name
  • We will want to review each session with your distributors to refresh our memory and then discuss the important actions from each week.
  • We have 2 weeks off until June 30 .. A very good time to review these past 10 sessions from Journey to Executive Coordinator ...
  • A 5 Week Summer Session begins June 30 .. See you then.


Recorded on June 16, 2016.

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Harper Guerra