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Objectives for Week Five

  • After we identify a business partner...
  • After they have been exposed to the stories on
  • After they have met other members of our Shaklee team
  • After they have experienced Shaklee products … and maybe have seen the results in their families and a few friends...
  • AND after they know that Shaklee is a good fit for them and they are ready to develop a business ... AND THEY KNOW THEIR “WHY”...
  • NOW they need a plan!

Action Steps

  • Create or revisit your goal for the next 90 days
    • include PV goal
    • income goal
    • rank advancement
    • sponsoring ( cash for Orlando .. 20 points = $100 )
  • Create a plan for generating 1000 new PV for yourself .. and/or for your down-line(s)
  • Create your OV Plan to help you reach Senior Coordinator ( 10,000 OV ) and Executive Coordinator ( 20,000 OV )


Recorded on May 12, 2016.

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Harper Guerra