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Objectives Spring Semester 2017 Keys to Coaching

As we challenge ourselves this year to reach higher and think bigger, we want to learn the skills essential for developing a strong dynamic organization of leaders.

The 2 most critical skills are:

  • Identifying and ATTRACTING business partners --- Understanding the leaders we will want to become in order to attract well-qualified leaders.
  • To learn how to coach, guide, and mentor our teams to help them grow as people even as they grow their businesses.

So in this series on Keys to Coaching, we are making a study of people. Starting with ourselves .. And Leadership ... And the art of Coaching.

Action Steps - Begin the Process of Studying Leadership

  • Practice identifying dominant personality style of people you know... in your family... in your business...
  • Make a list of the people to contact this week... to invite to product or business events. Before calling, take a moment to consider the language of their personality style to better communicate and connect.
  • Lay out your plan to generate 1000 new PV in April utilizing the Shaklee special promotion of free shipping (up to $20) with purchase of Get Clean Starter Kit plus Allergy Action Kit for your customers and distributors.
  • To qualify for next year’s Dream Trip, we want to reach the rank of Coordinator by September (because we need to hold the rank for 4 months.) .. Are we meeting enough people .. creating a large enough pool of individuals we may want to invite to join our teams.


Recorded on April 11, 2017.

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