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In today's webinar, we discussed a variety of ideas to sustain and even grow our PV during the holiday season, including Holiday gift packages and products important for our customers to have during holiday season for stress, immunity, energy, digestion and healthy weight.

We also provided ideas to help families earn additional income during the holidays to help pay for holiday expenses.

Action Steps Session 11

Begin spending a LITTLE time "liking" and commenting on FaceBook

  • Make 10 courtesy calls a week offering information on 3 to 4 products important for holiday health. 10 X 50 PV = additional 500 PV/week
  • Initiate conversations and ask questions to discover needs/wants with 3 - 5 people.
  • Invite your top business partners over for a pot luck dinner. Discuss your goals for January.
  • Capture names & contact information of people you are meeting.. to connect with later.

Practice asking questions ( with Tell Me About ) and “Active Listening”.


Recorded on November 13th, 2014.

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Harper Guerra