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Objectives for Session 6 - Servicing Our Customers

  • To understand the role of the business leader in servicing customers… and the importance of creating a customer service PROCESS.
  • To learn how to incorporate New Member Orientations/ Member Update appointments into our Customer Service System
  • How to introduce new members to additional Shaklee products.
  • To review incentives to offer members for hosting events, referring friends and attending webinars, conference calls and other Shaklee events
  • To review ideas for introducing business information to members...

Action Steps

  • Assemble new member/ member update packets
  • Schedule 10 New Member Orientations or Member Update Appointments including business benefits.(may include upline if you are new)
  • Create your customer service system … and then create a document outlining the system so you are duplicable.
  • Watch 100 Days to Amazing Session 9 Role of Leader in Servicing Customers
  • Consider doing a blitz of business conversations this month… can start with New Member and Member Update Appointments
  • Set up your working folder, binder, Day timer.. Shaklee Connect app, whatever works for you … to organize your daily activity.


Recorded on October 16, 2018.

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Harper Guerra