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Today, Harper Guerra, Katie Odom, Lisa Anderson along with Master Coordinators Barb Lagoni and Jo Coogan tackled a new aspect of developing Directors--coaching people to Director. Coaching is a skill of leadership we can all learn. To be an effective coach, we want to know how to help our business partners set their goals; what activities are most effective in generating PV; and what skills to develop to be an effective coach and mentor. When are the key times in the year to have planning sessions with our business partners?

In this session we cover the role of the leader in coaching our business partners and to be a maker of leaders. We review the skills to learn to be a good coach. And most important, how to avoid the pitfalls of coaching with dialogs of what and how to say things for positive coaching.

Action Steps

  • Prepare for Spring Regionals – and the special drawing for people bringing 2 or more guests Friday night for a chance to win a $500 for Global Conference.
  • Identify what you would like to learn next about leadership
  • Select a mentor so you have someone to coach you.
  • Find good books on leadership, podcasts ( Download apps for podcasts.. Most are free .. Go to IPhone under " podcasts")
  • Just a reminder--2016 Trip Qualification Period began March 1 …time to create your plan … & review qualifications ...
    • For Los Cabos – become a Coordinator by September 2015
    • For Tuscany – become an Executive Coordinator by September 2015


Recorded on March 19th, 2015.

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