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In our session today we focused on the role of the leader in wrapping up conversations, appointments and presentations.

We observed a variety of options and word tracks to help find a comfortable way to guide someone to next steps.

We never want someone to leave a Shaklee appointment, event, meeting, webinar etc. wondering what they should be doing.

Action Steps

Positioning Our Businesses for Anticipated Promotion and January 2016 Kick Off

  • As we review the status of our business, we will want to determine what is the next goal...
    • If we are just developing a fairly new business, we may want to stabilize the monthly volume by educating our customers about all the Shaklee product lines and what makes them unique, effective and safer for our families.
    • If our business has a steady stable customer base, we may want to select incentives that will encourage customers and friends to refer their friends to us.
  • Refer to Last week's Session 9 on the Role of the Leader in Servicing Customers for additional ideas.


Recorded on November 12, 2015.

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Harper Guerra