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Great session today to bring clarity and interpretation to the myriad of news coming from Global Conference--MindWorks, Blood Pressure (some terrific info on this product), New Sponsoring Regimens etc.

The highlight was listening to Katie Odom, Bonnie Donahue, and Kristen Jakubowski share their inspirational moments from the Conference. We saw in all three of these women what Bonnie's customers say to her: "I buy Shaklee from you, not because you sell Shaklee but because you live Shaklee." All of these are stories of courage--setting aside fear, jumping in and beginning to create a future.

Action Steps – Session 0

  • Create or Join an Accountability Circle
  • Time to set your 90 Day Goals
    • If you are aiming to become a Director, create your 2000 PV Plan and qualify for the Quick Start Director $250 bonus (by December 31, 2014 )
    • If qualifying for Maui, set a goal to reach Coordinator rank by November in order to hold the rank 4 months til the end of qualification period.
    • If you are aiming to qualify for the Shaklee Bonus Car Monthly Payments, then create a plan to develop a first level Director and generate 3000 Personal Group PV a month (or 5000 OV)
    • If aiming to move up in rank, create a plan to identify your next business partners and enroll them in Thursday morning trainings.

Action Steps - To Take Advantage of the Promotions

  • Free shipping until Sept 30 for new members who sponsor with purchase of one of the new Product Regimens
  • Purchase your Product Bundle by Sept 10 to receive free sample kit and post on FaceBook asking who would like a free sample , see Katie’s post
  • Register for a Shaklee Regional Conference – see website for cities Long Beach, Chicago and New York
  • Register now for best price for Global Conference in Cleveland August 12-16, 2015
  • Maria Shriver Challenge


Recorded on August 28th, 2014.

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