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Objectives Winter Semester 2017 -- Thinking Bigger ... Reaching Higher

In this Winter 2017 semester, we are preparing ourselves to:

  • Expand our thinking
  • And see the possibilities that lie within each of us... including picturing ourselves achieving the ranks of Executive and Key Coordinator.
  • We will achieve these ranks by becoming an Executive Coordinator on the inside ... even as we assemble and empower the team that will take us there ... on the outside.

We wrap up our series today with a look at a key factor in Reaching Higher ... and that is carving out the TIME to make it all happen

Action Steps - Preparing for March

  • Every month ... WRITE the goals for the month .. Be SPECIFIC ..
    • PGV for you
    • PGV for each of your downlines
    • new members
    • new distributors
  • The create a PLAN
    • WRITE OUT what activities you will schedule to achive those goals
  • Use a WORKING FOLDER OR BINDER .. every day … list who you will contact, what you will invite them to
  • EVERY NIGHT make a TO DO LIST for the following day.
  • Power Bonuses end March 31 – set a goal to accumulate 15 sponsoring points to earn another $150 Power Bonus check from Shaklee


Recorded on March 14, 2017.

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