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Objectives for Week Two

  • To help everyone attending achieve rank of Director over the next 8 weeks.
  • To learn communication skills to help us connect with people and build relationships.
  • To learn how to ask questions to identify needs.
  • To learn the power of talking less and listening more.
  • To understand now that we are a Shaklee distributor what our role is... especially with friends and family ( advocate & consultant & using 3rd party reference )
  • To learn to ask permission before giving information.
  • To learn how to avoid giving "sales pitches"

Action Steps

  • Set up your Launch Event(s)
  • Follow up with guests afterwards.. Whether they attend or not
  • Continue to make contacts from your list applying your new-found communication skills
  • Share your excitement for your new business on FB by sharing your personal experience with the products, etc.
  • Attend business presentations & training events, register for Global Conference
  • Focus on 3 business partners & 10 customers, 3 & 10 do it again, this is the cycle for success!
  • Schedule weekly coaching session with your upline
  • Become “a product of the product,” use the items in your kit (take Shaklee before photo) & review the benefits of the products
  • Continue reading Business Leader Guide (downloaded from Learning From The Masters Facebook group)


Recorded on Feburary 4, 2016.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

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Harper Guerra