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Objectives for Week Seven

  • To understand the process ... starts with our VISION ...
    • Which leads to setting our SPECIFIC GOALS
    • And to bring those goals to reality requires...
    • A PLAN
  • To understand how important it is to WRITE DOWN A PLAN.
  • We will want to learn how to create a plan with our upline or mentor to help us reach our goals ... and so we will learn how to create a plan for our business leaders. Keeping in mind the process of duplication in all we do.

Action Steps

  • Create a 2000 PV Plan for yourself .. And for any business partners downline from you… ON PAPER
  • Create your weekly working plan.. ON PAPER
  • Schedule the activities and begin inviting ... INVITE FIRST ... PEOPLE CONTACT FIRST ... Then ordering materials, etc comes after in non-prime time.


Recorded on March 17, 2016.

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Harper Guerra