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Objectives for Week Three

After we learn the skills, the activities and the strategies to grow our businesses .. Next step is to get smart about how we use our time. Objectives for this session are:

  • To understand 2 key steps in the process of developing customers and business partners
    • planting seeds (prospecting)
    • and then watering them (marketing, wellness, product and business information).
  • To review the most effective events for presenting Back-to-School information .. Product (we discussed last week) for keeping immune systems strong and brains healthy... And home business information especially for moms and teachers.
  • To review ideas on closing our meetings and appointments and offering clear options.
  • To review several Face Book posts created by our resident genius Michelle Parrott & Ashley to help us be more effective in our presence in Social media.

Action Steps

  • Create topics for Back-to-School events
    • ( Nutritional Support to Help Reduce Risk of Sports Injury for Student Athletes , Nutritional Support for Brain Power for a Great Report Card, Nutritional Secrets to Keeping Our Kids Healthy All Through the School Year, How To Help Our Kids Have Their Best Year Ever, Kids are Back in School .. Home Business Options for Moms, etc )
  • Create list of people with possible interest in your topics and begin inviting. 
    • Offer a Back-to-School promotion   ($1 or $2 off Incredivites or Mighty Smarts , free products for hosting a Back-to-School event or inviting guests to your events .. Live or online, free shipping or free product when ordering the Back-to-School Collection (Incredivites, Mighty Smarts, Chewable C and Optiflora Caps).


Recorded on September 13, 2016.

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