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Objectives Spring Semester 2017 Keys to Coaching

As we challenge ourselves this year to reach higher and think bigger, we want to learn the skills essential for developing a strong dynamic organization of leaders.

The 2 most critical skills are:

  • Identifying and ATTRACTING business partners --- Understanding the leaders we will want to become in order to attract well-qualified leaders.
  • To learn how to coach, guide, and mentor our teams to help them grow as people even as they grow their businesses.

So in this series on Keys to Coaching, we are making a study of people. Starting with ourselves .. And Leadership ... And the art of Coaching.

Action Steps - Begin the Process of Studying Leadership

  • If you have someone to coach, then set up appointments and practice what we have learned
  • Consider forming a coaching circle with colleagues and support one another in reaching your goals. .. And help your distributors land in good circles.
  • Set up a 1000 PV Plan for May .. Around Women’s Health Promotion..
  • Set a goal to become a Director or develop a Director before August Global Conference to receive Shaklee incentive cash.. $100/ a month starting in May, doubling by attending Global Conference.

Final Thought

It is possible that we have lost some business partners in the past because we didn’t know the skills around coaching. Consider re-contacting them.. Share with them what you have learned... apologize for what you didn’t know and ask if they would consider starting fresh with you again.


Recorded on May 2, 2017.

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