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Objectives Winter Semester 2017 -- Thinking Bigger ... Reaching Higher

In this Winter 2017 semester, we are preparing ourselves to:

  • Expand our thinking
  • And see the possibilities that lie within each of us... including picturing ourselves achieving the ranks of Executive and Key Coordinator.
  • We will achieve these ranks by becoming an Executive Coordinator on the inside ... even as we assemble and empower the team that will take us there ... on the outside.

Exciting new perks are coming from the company around these 2 ranks, starting with the automatic qualifying for Top Achievers Trip to CHINA and the Great Wall when we achieve Key Coordinator ... But stay tuned ... more to come.

Action Steps - Preparing for March

  • After hearing Ruth's and Barb Hill's report from the Las Vegas Women's Conference - how do we want to set goals for the next 90 days ... are we capable of more ?
  • See Health Chats March health topic ( National Nutrition Month ) and materials How many events will you set up ( zoom video conference, conference call Health Chat, etc ) ... 1 a week? 2 a week? 4 a week ? # of business presentations?
  • Follow up with 10 customers who have completed Health Prints ... View their top 3 health goals on the Health Print site in the member center Then your options are :
    • Individual appointment: Be ready with small, medium , large ( good, better, best ) collection to help address their health issue.
    • Set up events on the top health concern topics and invite those indicating their interest from Health Print
  • Power Bonuses end March 31 - set a goal to accumulate 15 sponsoring points to earn another $150 Power Bonus check from Shaklee.


Recorded on March 7, 2017.

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