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Objectives for Session 1 - Off to a Strong Start

  • To help everyone attending achieve rank of Director over the next 8 weeks and launch their business with a strong start.
  • To review the benefits of a home business.
  • To create a clear picture of what we want our Shaklee business to provide for us .. And for others.
  • To set up the mechanics of our business and know where to find the excellent resources that will support our business growth.
  • Then to get into action ... and begin building our Shaklee business.

Action Steps

  • Schedule Tuesday Evening Training sessions on your calendar ( or the time you will review the archive )
  • Set up your business (see checklist)
  • Begin to identify what a Shaklee business can mean for your life. .. You will want to share that as you invite customers and business partners to join you. ( your "Why" )
  • Keep your goals in front of you (List your goals or create pictures of goals ..etc and post on bulletin boards and walls) ... And share them with someone who will support you in reaching them.
  • Create your Business Working System or binder with your written goals and vision for your business and your life… and names to contact this week.
  • Insert Business Leader Guide into the working folder along with your written goals and vision for your business and your life.
  • Add picture of Business kit/post on FB – tag upline, share excitement!
  • Become “a product of the product,” use the items in your kit (take Shaklee before photo) & review the benefits of the products
  • Read through entire product guide & note products you’d like to add to your future orders and promote to friends


Recorded on September 11, 2018.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

GOWellness Shaklee Team
Harper Guerra