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Wow!! September is a pivotal month so today we focused on strategies for developing 1000 PV to help us develop Directors and to increase our customer base. We covered some Back To School Product Collections with a Dialog for introducing these. Then we talked about creating a model of duplication by bringing in business partners with Gold Pak kits. All the time the goal being a balanced business with a strong customer base and business partners who are actively working towards Director.

In the first part of this webinar you will hear all about the four big promotions Shaklee is currently offering. WE tried to clarify these and give you information you can use. WE suggest you print out those slides and put in a plastic sheet protector for using at your events and appointments.

Attached is a promotion that some leaders in Lisa Anderson's organization used with a FaceBook event they did around "Helping your kids have their best year ever in school". To see the actual posts for this event, click this link:

Action Steps


Recorded on September 3, 2015.

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