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Objectives for Week Two

After we learn the skills, the activities and the strategies to grow our businesses .. Next step is to get smart about how we use our time. Objectives for this session are:

  • To understand the nutritional needs of kids as they start the school year in 3 areas:
    • Supporting a strong immune system to help prevent viruses & illness
    • Nutrients essential for a healthy brain that affect focus, memory and cognitive function
    • Nutrients depleted by stress  -- from academic and social pressures
  • And the Shaklee products that may be helpful.
  • To generate 1000 new PV by sharing this information this month.

Action Steps

  • Set a goal for September:
    • ex – to increase your PGV by 1000 / month?
    • Or 1000/week (Chairman's Retreat)
  • Make a list of 10 people with whom you would like to share this information on helping our kids have their best year ever.
  • Set up 4 Back-to-School Events in the month of September (appointments, in-homes, conference calls, etc)
  • 10 new customers X 100 PV each = 1000 new PV
  • Next week Session #3, we will review a variety of events and materials to help introduce Back-to-school products to new and existing customers.


Recorded on September 6, 2016.

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