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Today we went inside the coaching session and covered the types of coaching sessions, their purpose, the key steps along with questions to ask to have productive sessions and dialog that works really well. We also covered how to coach our downlines through obstacles.

Becky Choate, almost Senior Coordinator, shared her story and how and why she is moving forward with her business after enjoying the last 17 years of a $35,000 a year income while not doing any building. That has all changed--she shared how coaching sessions have made a difference and lessons she learned from those.

We have attache some docs on affirmations (and after you listen to the webinar, you'll know why) and a sheet from Dan Henderson on GROW as a coaching model.

Action Steps

  • If you are ready for growth yourself, find your mentor(s) and coach(es) ... And be committed to coaching and learning.
  • If you have distributors and/or leaders ready for growth , ask for feedback on how to help you be the best coach you can be for them.
  • OR .. If you are looking for someone to model coaching for you, ask if you can listen in on coaching sessions of other leaders you admire… or set up 3-way coaching calls with your downlines and upline mentors and observe the dynamics of the call and what you can learn from them…
  • Begin to set up coaching appointments.


Recorded on April 16th, 2015.

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