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Objectives for Session 5 - The Art of Closing and Offering Next Steps

To understand the process of identifying business partners to join our teams...

  • where we find them
  • what we say in conversation
  • what materials we use
  • our role in exposing them to additional stories, meeting our colleagues, etc… until they have moved from being interested... to being committed.

Action Steps

  • Make a list of people you would like to have a conversation with regarding home businesses.
  • Share your excitement for your new business on FaceBook by posting your personal experience with the products.
  • Read through the Addendum here of many word tracks and dialogues to help us prepare for those conversations.
  • Choose an idea discussed today to begin identifying your business partners (posting on FaceBook, having a conversation about home businesses, inviting to a webinar, conference call, FaceBook event, appointment, 3 way, etc)
  • Consider doing a blitz of business conversations this month… can start with New Member and Member Update Appointments
  • Discuss with your upline setting up informal half-hour Business Stories Conference Calls and zoom events.


Recorded on October 9, 2018.

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Harper Guerra