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New Year/New Goals/New Plan:  Today we discussed...

  • Creating a strategy for qualifying for the 2017 Dream Trips now.

  • Understanding the importance of making a plan and getting into action  in January with a strong start to the next 100 Days To Amazing Challenge.
  • Identifying people with an  interest in a home business .. Interest in earning additional income.. Interest in joining our business teams… because  8 Weeks to Director begins Jan 28.

We heard the inspiring story of the  Shaklee Effect on the McDonald family to remind us of the  impact a Shaklee business can have on others.  This portion will be archived as stand alone so we can send people to it whenever.

Click on this link to hear about the value of creating momentum in your business and why do it sooner rather than later.

Action Steps

Every year has its own gifts, lessons, and messages meant for each of us...

Sometimes they came wrapped in pretty bows ... and other times as trials, challenges, insights.

Reflect on the past year ... write down the "gifts" ... so we don't miss the lessons.

  • Identify people interested in starting Shaklee businesses. Send them Shaklee Effect videos, set up 3-way calls with your upline or colleague, etc  and enroll them in Thursday morning 8 Weeks to Director classes beginning Jan 28.
  • 8 Weeks to Director Training starts in 2 weeks ... begin inviting business partners now.
  • Set your goals for 2016
  • Make a list of people with whom  you would like to share Ashley and Jake’s story.
  • What Shaklee trip will you aim for?
    • for Mexican Dream Trip – set a goal for Coordinator by September.
    • for Machu Picchu, make a plan to advance to Executive Coordinator by September.


Recorded on January 14, 2016.

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