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With this session we covered a Product Collection of the Month for February--Heart Health. We highlighted Blood Pressure supplement and COQ Heart with a recommended Smart Heart Regimen for the prevention of Heart Disease.

Then we reviewed a variety of ways to meet potential business partners suggested by Sarah Robbins in her book, Rock Your Network Marketing Business. We included suggested dialogs, also.

Stephanie Bruce, Sr. Director, shared with us how she has identified 5 distributors at 500 PV within her first 4 months.

Action Steps

  • Review the list of reach out methods described by Sarah Robbins and choose 1 or 2 or begin with your own list of names.
  • Set up your working folder to include your list, their contact info, your calendar of events or webinars to invite them to and bullet points outlining what you want to say.
  • Purchase your registration for Cleveland and set goal of how many you will be bringing with you.
  • Aim to earn Cash for Cleveland by accumulating 20 sponsoring points every month for 1 share and 35 points for 2 shares ( minimum $100 each share)


Recorded on February 12th, 2015.

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