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This week we focused on the following in our webinar:

  • Understanding the income generated from developing a Shaklee customer base. .. And the residual income over time that comes to us from doing that.
  • Understanding the income generated from developing a Director...and the value of the residual income from doing that.
  • Learning how to coach new distributors to maximize their income from the Dream Plan including qualifying for Power Bonuses.
  • Understanding the business concept of leverage and its value to us.

Sandy Dietrich, Sr. Ex. Coordinator, shared her motivating story that incorporates all these elements.

We are excited about Mind Works being featured on Dr. Phil Show the week of NOvember 17th. Included in our pre-call are some strategies for taking advantage of that starting NOW.

Attached are 2 suggested scripts you can use. We are also including a document on Ways to Generate PV.

Action Steps Session 8

  • Create a Shaklee Effect binder … with stories and photos of real Shaklee leaders … their backgrounds and their incomes.
  • Using the Shaklee Dream Plan brochure ( item code #76184 ) ,set an income goal .. And then play with the numbers to determine how best to reach it ..
  • Then create a plan of action to share the concept of residual income that a Shaklee business offers to 3 to 5 people this week.
  • “ May I ask you something …Do you know much about the concept of residual income? I just learned about that this week ... And that is a pretty fascinating idea… Would you like to hear about it?”
  • Prepare for the Dr Phil leads :
    • Become a Director by end of October
    • Register for Cleveland Global Conference ( 10,000 expected...You will want to be a part of this historic celebration )
    • Check to see if our personal websites need attention
    • Sponsor at least 2 people from August to October
    • Decide how many people you would like to speak to about Mind Works this week...See word tracks that are attached.


Recorded on October 23th, 2014.

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GOWellness Shaklee Team
Harper Guerra