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We feel all our webinars have value, but today with our special guest, Craig Cushman-VP Sales for Earstern Region was just outstanding. We encourage you and your teams to listen to this several times, take notes, reflect on what Craig says and then get your own Plan of ACtion for Growth. This was a very special close to this semester as Craig gave us insights to how we can ignite, generate energy and enthusiasm and inspire action for 2015.

Action Steps Session 13

  • As we prepare for 2015 … and the 100th Anniversary of Dr Shaklee’s invention of Vitalized Minerals … is this the year for you take on reaching for a bigger rank? A bigger check? … qualifying for a Dream Trip? Or a car payment?
  • Spend some time imagining and visualizing your business in 2015 being amazing!! Imagine and dream about it being all that it can be… See your new members, new leaders, new working habits, new skills and new confidence
  • Schedule a January Kick Off Event or Decide on one to attend. Then go to work– how many new people will you invite to attend with you to a January Kick Off Event ?
  • You are invited to the Lagoni /Coogan/Odom/ Petry/ Guerra/Chaney/ Trost/ Ferguson.. And more Leadership Conference Jan 9 and 10, 2015 in Chicago (registration form attached )
    ** Set your Jan goals, make a plan and prepare to sprint into action.
    • Set up January events NOW – conference calls, IN-homes, appointments, webinars
    • January is let’s get healthy and fit time – great time to set up Shaklee 180 tastings, form support groups , implement the Shaklee 180 40,000 # Challenge.
    • Schedule your work time for the month.
  • Commit to new behavior that will bring about the change you want.
  • To get extraordinary results will require extraordinary effort … as you write your 90 day goals … consider doing a BLITZ of conversations about the benefits of home businesses ,.. about being a part of your team .. And the importance of our work .. And fun we have together


Recorded on December 11th, 2014.

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